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5 Foods That Give You Energy & Balance

The start of the New Year not only brings about New Year plans/resolutions, but also the restart of busy work and school schedules. Thus, changing sleep patterns and eating habits. Boost your energy and balance today with these foods:

Cauliflower has the ability to help the liver produce enzymes that neutralize potential toxins in the body. It is also high in Vitamin C - one cup contains almost as much as an orange.

Brussels sprouts are packed with vitamins A, C, E and are rich in vitamin K & folate.

Broccoli contains powerful health promoting nutrients and is good for the heart as it is rich in folic acid.

Beets contain highly pigmented phyto nutrients which provide amazing antioxidant protection.

Cabbage is best in the colder months as it develops a sweeter flavor and more crisp. Red cabbage contains twice the vitamin C of green cabbage. Skip the precut halved pieces in the grocery store as they will have lost much of their nutrients.

They are all detox friendly too. Share with us below how many of these foods you incorporate daily or weekly?

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