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Change your salt intake

There is good reason for the popularity of salt as it adds to the taste of food. However, consuming too much salt can place undue stress on your heart and make your blood pressure higher.

To ensure less stress on your heart and lower blood pressure, the American Heart Association recommends that you aim to eat less than 1,500 mg of sodium per day.

Did you know these five common foods listed below can add high levels of sodium to your diet?

1 Breads & Rolls

2 Cold Cuts & Cured Meats

3 Pizza

4 Soup

5 Sandwiches

To meet the recommendation of the American Heart Association, choose wisely, read nutrition labels, watch your portions, and find lower-sodium varieties. Another easy tip to reduce your sodium intake is to not cook with salt, but to add salt at the table. How do you plan to change your salt intake?

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