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The Best of 2016

Before the ball drops and the New Year rolls in, we want to take a moment to recap Fit Therapy's best of 2016. There are too many moments we consider to be the "best moments" of 2016. Therefore, we narrowed down the best moments to our TOP three unforgettable moments...


This was a highlight of our year as we grew from 1500 sq ft to 4000 sq ft. The expanded space has provided extra space for working out as well as additional fitness and counseling offices. The expanded space has been a blessing to many. Thank you to all our FIT Members who helped make this dream to expand a reality!

And who could forget the construction? Check out our before and after photos below.



Changing the lives of our members is our ultimate goal. It has been a honor to work with incredible people who made a commitment to be healthier and see their goals come to fruition in 2016. They did whatever it took to step out of their comfort zone, and be the person they were meant to be! We are so proud of all of our members. Use their stories and transformations to inspire you and make 2017 your year.


This makes us sentimental! We made a commitment over two years ago to bring health and wellness to San Antonio and to serve the San Antonio community for many years to come. The process to get to this point involved many sleepless nights, long hours working, hustling to cover finish out expenses, ignoring naysayers who didn't believe in our vision, and much more. But, here we stand San Antonio! The Fit Therapy of Texas family is stronger, bigger than ever and with no outside investors. Just good old hard work! We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve the San Antonio community alongside the best staff and to do what we LOVE! Thank you, FIT Therapy of Texas FIT Members for supporting us. We could not have done this without you.

Thank you 2016 for the many blessings. We enjoyed every moment and look forward to the people will meet, lives will change and new experiences will cherish in 2017!!!!

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