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What Are Macronutrients?

There are three macronutrients: carbohydrate, protein, and fat. What may be different for everyone though is what percent of their total calories are given to each macro.

Carbohydrates are one of the most important sources of energy for your body. A big misunderstanding is that you don't need them. Because of that, people often try to go about their days without taking in things that have carbs. As a result, those who do that may feel lethargic, moody, sick, etc. The idea that a low carb "diet" is the way to reach your weight loss goals is not always true. Everybody has a their own make up and will lose and gain weight differently. To get some good carbs that will help to nourish your body and fuel your day, try: sweet potatoes, organic/sprouted grains, steel cut oats, veggies, and fruits.

Proteins are the "building blocks of life" and are needed for most processes in the body. Depending on the source you obtain information from, you may read that you need your body weight in grams or your lean body mass in grams of protein to meet the necessary amount according to how much you exercise. These calculations work for some people, but again, everyone is different and its hard to follow a website's dietary recommendations without having one on one counseling. To get you started though, try to get some protein with every meal/snack. Some of the best sources for protein are egg whites, lean white meats, and white fish.

Fat is also a source of energy for the body. Contrary to some believers, it is absolutely essential that you get a certain amount of it each day. It provides energy, helps to absorb certain nutrients, protects organs, aids in maintaining your body temperature, and so much more. Not all fats are created equally though! Certain fats are good for you while others are definitely not. Healthy fats help to keep our bodies and hearts healthy. The majority of people know what is NOT good, but when it comes to knowing what is, they fall short. Some examples of healthy fats are avocados, eggs, olive oil, nuts, fatty fish. Like everything else, they should be eaten in moderation.

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