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5 tips to improve your bikini bodybuilding competition performance

Ever think of competing in a bikini bodybuilding competition? Here are the top 5 tips to help you bring your best all-around package when hitting that stage for the first time!

1. Nutrition-The most important one of them all! Make sure you are working with an experienced coach that can help you get on the right nutrition plan! What you eat and the timing of when you eat is so important. You will not be able to achieve the proper look of a bikini competitor without the right nutrition. If you get on the wrong nutrition plan, it can really mess up your metabolism and other complications can come up as well!

2. Working out- Before you think about competing make sure you have the time to work out, sometimes even twice a day! The way you train and what you train is so important on perfecting that stage body. Everybody is different so make sure that your workouts are catered to you and your body type. Really focus on your weak points during your work out sessions, you want to look as proportionate as possible to really get your best body on stage!

3. Posing- I would definitely hire a posing coach. If you look the part, you need to act the part as well! I’s all about confidence and knowing how to show off the right angles that best flatter you and your body. Show those judges what you worked so hard for!

4. Makeup/Hair & Spray Tan- Yes it maybe a little extra money but do not overlook this part! The judges want to see a well put together athletic woman in a bikini.

5. The judges- The judges are very close to you looking up so they can see every little detail. Also, after the show is over, talk to the judges see what there critiques are, so you know what you can work on for next show.

Amanda Gilmore is a Fitness Expert/Personal Trainer at Fit Therapy of Texas. With a degree in exercise science, she is eager and passionate to help you reach your fitness/wellness goals. Make your appointment today by calling 210-495-3131. Make changes or make excuses. The choice is yours. The time is NOW.

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