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Happy 3rd Anniversary, Fit Therapy of Texas!

Today marks Fit Therapy of Texas's 3rd anniversary! That's right. On October 14, 2014, we opened the doors to Fit Therapy of Texas and began our business journey with an incredible community that grows stronger every day. To celebrate, we're sharing 3 facts about us — and saying thanks to you, our FIT members, for making turning 3 so great.

1. Owner, Kenny McClendon, began working out at age 13 and never stopped. He has a passion for fitness and practices what he preaches. Kenny continues to make his health a priority and work outs 5x a week at Fit Therapy of Texas.

2. The entire staff of Fit Therapy of Texas has at minimum their Bachelor's degree! We have 3 Fitness Experts, a Registered Dietitian and 2 Licensed Professional Counselors and a Licensed Professional Counselor-Intern on staff.

3. Over 3000+ pounds lost in three years so far. And we are not done yet!!!! Our dedicated staff is committed to helping our SA community reach their health and fitness goals.

We are honored to celebrate our 3-year anniversary with you all. Thanks for making our Fit Therapy of Texas turns 3 event RAD!

Our life has been forever impacted by the magic that is Fit Therapy of Texas and everything it's

taken to create the Fit Therapy of Texas family!

Forever grateful and humbled,

Kenny and Tracy

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