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Reduce after workout soreness

Sore after a workout?

Unfortunately, once the soreness kicks in the best remedy is time but there are some ways to help ease the pain!

1. Keep moving- This is because activity increases circulation, improving blood flow throughout the body. (Helping with the soreness)

2. Hydrate

3. Stretching- Can be a great way to release tightness and increase your range of motion when you're sore

4. Make sure you are consuming enough protein -Protein is a critical nutrient for building and maintaining muscle, so it plays a huge role in helping your muscles recover from a tough workout.

5. Try a heating or ice pad to help ease the pain- Ice can help reduce the swelling that sometimes comes along with extreme soreness. Bringing the swelling down can help reduce some pain causing tension, however, heat can also minimize tension and pain signals.

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