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ICYMI: Fit Therapy of Texas turned 4!

We recently turned 4 and could not be prouder! 4.5 years ago, Kenny and Tracy, dreamt up Fit Therapy of Texas. They could not have dreamt up what Fit Therapy of Texas has become---a place to motivate and inspire people to live their best life.

In 4 years, Fit Therapy of Texas has helped hundreds of people lose weight, gain confidence and feel better. It is Kenny & Tracy’s mission to continue to grow Fit Therapy of Texas by educating more people about the benefits of holistic health.

Thank you, San Antonio, for believing in us, our mission and supporting local, small business.

If you have not checked Fit Therapy of Texas out, give us a call at 210-495-3131 or email for a tour or consultation. Our team of professionals are available to show you how to transform your life, physically and mentally.

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