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How to completely change your core and lose that belly fat

Are you having trouble losing that gut and those stubborn love handles? Why do they even call them love handles after all? It’s not like anyone really loves having them. And if right now you're thinking I love my love handles then it would be in your best interest to quit reading now. AS much as I would love to say, “do these exercises and you will have a flat tummy,” it doesn’t quite work that way. The key to a flat tummy is improving your diet AND doing exercises that stimulate the core.

When it pertains to diet it is NOT healthy to NOT eat. Ultimately this causes the storage of fat in your body and the use of other macro-nutrients as energy, including protein that could cause atrophy (shrinking) of your MUSCLES.

DO NOT skip breakfast! Breakfast is super important, as it jump starts your metabolism and sets the pace for the rest of the day. A higher metabolism equals more calories burnt per day.

DO include a lot of fruits and veggies into your diet, as they tend to be higher in fiber, which makes your gut happy, makes you feel fuller faster, decreases inflammation and bloating in your intestines/stomach, and helps aid in proper digestion.

CUT DOWN THE SALT! Salt causes you to retain water and bloat, especially if you aren’t drinking enough water.

A few great core exercises to flatten that tummy include planks, mountain climbers, abdominal bicycles, and leg lifts. Just doing one set of 10 reps of these exercises isn’t enough either. Try doing 30 second intervals of these exercises, so you don’t worry about the number of reps, and complete 5 rounds. Make sure to take no more than 30 seconds between each exercise, as well to keep your heart rate in FAT BURN ZONE!

For more great tips come on in for a one on one with me and we will get you on the FAST track to that flat tummy!

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