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Everything you ever wanted to know about stress management training!

It seems as though the fast-paced world we are living in makes it difficult to focus on ourselves and manage everything that is thrown our way. If you are dealing with chronic stress, it may seem like there is no way to find relief and the only option is to push through while ignoring the negative effects that it takes on your health, happiness, and relationships. But perhaps there is a solution out there that you have not implemented into your routine yet, which is why our stress management group is available for you in your journey toward total wellness.

Typically, the stress management group is open to socializing, blowing off steam, participating in activities and self-reflection, and even expressing humor. For those of you who have not yet attended the stress management group yet, I would like to address five things that will give you a better idea of what group therapy is (and what it isn’t). And I must say it is most likely not what you have seen on T.V.!

1) Group therapy is (most likely) not as uncomfortable as you are imagining

Imagine what it is like to attend a workshop on wellness that you get to collaborate on. Each session has a specific focus that supports self-reflection and provides tools for improvement. It is not the goal of the group to dig deep into your past and experience the difficult emotions. In reality, life can just be overwhelming and sometimes we may be need of a refresher to prioritize our own self-care. It does not have to be in turmoil for you to benefit from the group!

The topics that we focus on are usually ones that everyone can relate to. Some of the topics we have covered in the past are: time management, positive thinking, healthy vs. unhealthy coping techniques, gratitude, and mindfulness.

2) Group therapy is a great resource for accountability and motivation

If you participate in any of our fitness training, you probably value the benefits of accountability and motivation. When it comes to making lasting changes in areas outside of fitness, the same use of accountability and motivation can be monumental in finally making those changes that you have wanted to conquer. In group therapy, everyone has a common sense of commitment toward wellness.

3) You can pick and choose what you share and how much you share, with no judgment

One of the group norms that we enforce is no judgment and respect for each group member. Group members can enjoy other aspects of group process such as listening to what others have to say and offering advice. It is also worth experiencing the creative activities and prompts that pose questions and helpful information that you may not typically come across. In other words, group therapy can be a great exercise for the brain!

4) For some individuals, group can be more beneficial than individual therapy

One of the unique benefits of group is the sense of common humanity and being able to connect with others on everyday life struggles. So if speaking around others is something that you are skeptical about, I encourage everyone to just give it a try with no pressure to return if it is not a good fit for you.

5) Group therapy is all about positive strives that you want for yourself and your future

While group therapy does hold the space for the more difficult things in life, our main objective is for positive growth. The content of group therapy mostly focuses on the future and the changes that need to be made now to achieve the vision you have for yourself.

So perhaps the pick-me-up you have needed has been there all along at Fit Therapy, Thursday from 6:30 – 7:30pm. And with even better news, beginning in August the group will be held every Thursday. Come as you are, I hope to see you there!

Mackenzie Thayer, Licensed Professional Counselor - Intern

Supervised by Dr. Ray Wooten, LPC-S

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