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4 ways to help you STAY MOTIVATED once you start working out.

You did it. You committed to bettering yourself, your life, by beginning to work out.

You got the gym membership, hired the trainer, bought a new pair of running shoes, or maybe even just decided to start walking places instead of driving.

No matter what your goal, no matter how you're getting there, you STARTED and that's the first step.

But, now what?

We've started what feels like a MILLION times yet we can never stick to it.

That's ok, we are here to help.

Below are 4 tips on how to STAY MOTIVATED with a workout plan once we have started.

1. Make. A. Plan.

It is SO much easier to get up for your 6am run or workout when you put out your clothes the night before, left a water bottle by the door, and set multiple alarms for 5:30am, 5:32am, 5:35am. Long story short, want to workout at 6am? PLAN for working out at 6am by setting yourself up for success. Fail to plan? Plan to fail.

2. Get an accountability partner

Working out with someone can HUGELY help some people stay motivated on a workout plan. Whether this be working out with a trainer, a spouse, a friend, or even joining a group class, working out with someone helps us stay ACCOUNTABLE and CONSISTENT. It can be easy to fail ourselves sometimes, especially if we're consistent excuse-makers, and being accountable to someone else can solve that problem.

3. Workout in a way you ENJOY

If you absolutely hate brussel sprouts, would you eat brussel sprouts 5-6 days a week? Heck no! But why not? Brussel sprouts are good for you! So what? I like broccoli, I like spinach, I'll have those greens instead! Why would I eat something daily that I don't enjoy when I could eat something ELSE that's just as good for me that I actually LIKE doing? Working out is the SAME WAY! Pick something you enjoy doing! You don't like running? Swim! You don't like weight training? Dance! You don't like biking? Hike! Research has shown we are MUCH more likely to stick to a workout plan that we ENJOY doing. So, pick something you love, and you'll fall In love with bettering yourself!

4. When motivation lacks, be disciplined.

This one might sting a little. No one, and I mean NO ONE, is motivated every single day. We all have those days when we just don't want to. And guess what... That's ok! But, does that mean we just don't go,? We just give up? NOPE! This, my friend, is when discipline comes into play. You committed to this. You were unhappy with how you were looking or feeling or living and you decided to make this change. So, don't give up now. You got this. You don't always need motivation. Have discipline .Get up off your butt, and go. The lack of motivation won't stay long. But, in the meantime, make discipline your best friend.

And, there you go! 4 ways to help you STICK TO THE PLAN when it comes to working out and bettering yourself.

So, start with one and be well on your way to a happier, healthier you.

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