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7 clever tips to becoming an early riser

Not a morning person? Can’t get out of bed? Have no fear your fitness expert is here. Here are some tips to be an early riser.

Tip 1 don’t be a procrastinator: Waking up early can help you start your to do list and get your day started right. Checking off your to do list and getting closer to the end of that list just feels so good. So, start checking off your to dos!

Tip 2 eat better: when waking up early you don’t feel rushed; therefore, you will have more time to make breakfast. Now that you have time to make a healthy breakfast, you can skip the drive thru!

Tip 3 self discipline: waking up early is creating self discipline.  Sacrifice waking up early so you can benefit from the relaxation and time off later in the day. 

Tip 4 workout early: Working out early can get your metabolism going, your energy is greatest in the morning, get it over with, so you don't have to wait until the end of the day where excuses occur more, and have that winner mentality.

Tip 5 you’re ahead of the game: when waking early you don’t have those distractions. Gym isn’t crowed, no traffic, co workers not bothering you, and it’s your time to put in that work peacefully.

Tip 6 more likely to be successful: about 90% of CEO’s and millionaires wake up 3 hours before the actually work day. They have more time to get that work in.

Tip 7 more time off during your days off: when waking up early you’ll have more time off during the weekend. Waking up has the benefit of better balance and time management, so you don’t have to bring your work home for the weekend. Manage your time now, so you can enjoy your weekend later.

For more healthy tips, subscribe to our blog and if your ready to workout, set up a free consultation today! I would love to help you get started on your pathway to ultimate health and wellness.

In health,

Christian Chavez B.S. M.S.

Fitness expert

Fit therapy of Texas

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