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What No One Tells You About Depression, Anxiety, and Low Self-Worth

Have you ever wondered if others are feeling the way you’re feeling? Do they worry as much as I do, do they struggle to get up in the morning, do they like themselves? These are common questions people ask themselves, but if you’re asking them on a regular basis, it may be time to consider the state of your mental health.

Today’s society is media driven, whether it’s in a professional or personal capacity. What is not talked about enough is how technology can impact our brain and capacity for happiness.

Our brain is capable of wonderful things. What we choose to expose our brain and body to has a direct link to our general happiness and understanding of the world.

I’m sure you’ve experienced several times where your phone generates ads targeted towards what you were talking about or even sometimes just thinking about. If my general thought process is negative, guess what, I’m now inadvertently exposing myself to negativity via social media.

Technology can be extremely beneficial. It helps simplify tasks, important information is right at our fingertips, can bring some lighthearted joy during the day, and so much more.

What we often don’t consider is where our emotional state is. If I’m feeling depressed or anxious, I may look at sites that fortify my negative emotional state. Or I may simply look at something positive and immediately distort my thinking negatively. That wonderful vacation a friend recently went on now fills me with jealousy. The family member that lost 15lbs through hard work is now something I don’t think I could ever accomplish. “Comparison is a thief of joy” once said by Theodore Roosevelt. But naturally comparison happens especially with all the readily available social media platforms.

So how do I combat distorted thinking, feeling down, & nervous energy from all the social media platforms and keep my self-esteem intact? MINDFULNESS.

Practicing being present and aware of bodily sensations, emotions, and overall well-being. If I can be present, I’m less likely to want to use social media and/or use it in a productive way.

If today has been rough, I need to actively take that into consideration and either stay away from social media because it may be triggering, or I need to mindfully use it as a tool. Using social media to look at old photos that bring joy, listen to new music from a favorite artist, watch funny videos, or heck even use a mindfulness-based app. These are powerful ways to use social media as a coping skill. On the other hand, if you find that the absence of notifications brings you down, or it is too difficult to be positive when seeing other’s post, then it may be more mindful to take a break from social media.

Our daily functioning relies heavily on these little devices we hold in our hands. It is up to everyone to determine how much it may be impacting their mental health and self-esteem. Then it becomes a matter of making personal changes to course correct our thought process.

If you need help with prioritizing your mental health, we have a wonderful team of Licensed Professional Counselors to help you obtain coping skills and improve your mental health. Click our contact us page to schedule a consultation today.

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Cindy Marie
Cindy Marie
Dec 21, 2022

Depression, anxiety and low self-worth can steal your life. Thank you for addressing this topic.

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