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What's the big difference between dieting vs. a lifestyle change?

A diet is usually full of restrictions, low calories and short-term results. Most people fail at diets because they are using all-or-nothing thinking and methods without learning healthy ways to reach their goals.

So, what happens when you are done with a diet?

Often times, a person will go back to being the same as before they started the diet. Since this is the norm, we recommend and encourage a lifestyle change.

When a person is committed to a lifestyle change they tend to change bad habits and add new, healthy habits in to their life to help have a more balanced life.

Making a lifestyle change requires consistency and is life long. The main goal of a lifestyle change is to have a healthier and balanced life that will increase the enjoyment of foods and decrease the mind set of “cheat meals” and restrictive eating.

If you are ready to change your lifestyle always start out small, the point here is to not feel overwhelmed from so many changes all at once. For example, you can start out by adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet, going for a walk, or increasing your water intake. Think of adding before removing.

Making any changes to your lifestyle requires support and accountability. Tell your friends, family, or co-workers about your goals to help hold you accountable. Having a good support system will help with making the desired changes you want to create for yourself.

If you are not sure of how to make a lifestyle change, click the contact us page and complete the form to schedule your free consultation. We will talk you through and provide you with complete guidance to making a lifestyle change.


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