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Should I get a Personal Trainer?

Starting your fitness journey can seem extremely daunting at first. It is completely normal not to really know where to start first.

How do I use the machines?

What do I do with dumbbells?

Should I work my whole body or just work my arms?

What about cardio?

A lot of times people even feel embarrassed to put themselves out there in front of others who may not be so new to working out. As a novice, you may feel vulnerable and like people are paying a lot of attention to what you are doing. A sure fire way to solve all of your fitness dilemmas is to hire a personal trainer! Aside from helping with what workouts to do and how to do them, a good personal trainer can do so many things for you mentally and physically. Here are some of the best reasons to think we have for getting a personal trainer!

1. Someone to keep you accountable: When working out alone or even with a friend, it's really easy to cancel your plans and skip your time you set for exercising. When you actually have an appointment scheduled and payed for, it's not as easy. Even though it is something for you, personally, it is still important and still a real appointment that your trainer actually scheduled into his or her workday JUST FOR YOU. Wasting money is painful and wasting someone else's time is just embarrassing, so by doing this, you're automatically being held accountable. You're trainer will also keep you constantly checking in with the goals you are trying to make, too. They can fine tune your goals and get you thinking about things you'd like to see that you didn't even consider.

2. Get more: Hiring a professional is usually the route you go whenever you need something done that is out of your area of expertise. The same goes with hiring a personal trainer. Typically, they know a lot about health and fitness and can teach you tons of valuable information that you never even thought about. You can google stuff all day, but chances are, your trainer will know more because they have gone through and tried it all. Because it is literally what we do for a living, trainers know the best of everything from exercises to workout programs. You will also be pushed to your limits too, which is something you may not do on your own or with a friend. What usually happens when you're at the gym by yourself is you'll tend to choose the weights or exercises you can do successfully without any fuss. A trainer won't allow you to do that. A credentialed and skilled trainer will always push you to do things you had no idea you could do, such as crazy exercises that involve all of your muscles while balancing on one leg or lifting weights triple what you're used to. No matter what it is, those more intense workouts will always get you to your goals faster.

3. Safety: One of the most important reasons to have someone who's knowledgeable and trained around with you in the gym is because it will eliminate the chance of being injured. When you're by yourself, you might have poor form and pull something. Surprising to some, working out takes a lot of thinking and coordination. There is a rhyme and reason to everything you do when in the gym. Did you know that while doing most exercises, your joints/pivot points need to be lined up accordingly? Your personal trainer does. They will be there to teach you these things so you don't make the terrible mistake of hurting yourself or someone else for that matter.

4. Gain more confidence and a foundation: More than anything, what we want most for you is to feel good about yourself and feel confident in what you are doing. Having someone check for form and guide you to do the best exercises will make you feel pretty awesome. You'll finally feel that you, too, belong in the center of the gym. Your feelings of embarrassment will begin to diminish along with your poor self image, if that is an issue. You might not believe it, but you'll also start to look forward to coming to the gym!! Crazy, huh? There is nothing better, in my opinion, than they joy you get from being in the gym and getting a great workout. That joy will help to pave the way to creating a great foundation for working out. The more you look forward to coming, the more attentive you'll be, and the more you'll learn and get out of it. What we want is for you to be able to successfully, one day, do it all on your own. With a personal trainer, you WILL get there, without a doubt.

Of course people will always have their reservations about getting a personal trainer to help them out. "It's too expensive." "I don't have time." Or my personal favorite, "I can just do it on my own". When you really sit down and think about it though, how important is your health? Can you really put a price on that? There will always be a little bit of time that you can squeeze something this important into your life. You just have to make room. And if you were going to do it on your own, why haven't you started then? These are just a few things to think about next time you're feeling the push to make a lifestyle change. Let us help you!

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