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3 ways to jump start your weight loss journey l Fit Therapy of Texas

Lots of us have made New Year's Resolutions this year that revolve around fitness or healthy living, usually involving weight loss.

As health experts, we love helping people jump start their health and wellness journey to weight loss and today we will give you our top 3 weight loss tips. 1. Move More One of the easiest ways to increase or speed up weight loss is to increase your movement during your weight loss phase. Usually, we recommend hiring a personal trainer for this part. They are going to be the professionals who are most experienced when it comes to creating an effective workout program that will be individualized to you and your needs. When we increase our energy expenditure through movement, we burn more calories. Now, this movement can come in many different forms. For example, you can begin walking 3x/ week for 30 minutes each, or you can join a dance class, or you can workout with a trainer and start to get ready for a gym environment! No matter how you choose to move, increasing your movement will cause caloric expenditure, thus helping you reach a caloric deficit which will allow for your weight loss to begin. 2. Eat well We have all heard it. "Just eat healthy". But what does that mean? To be honest, there is not a "one size fits all" answer for you. Every person has different needs when it comes to nutrient intake. BUT, one thing that is true for the majority of the general population is that they need to be in a caloric deficit in order to be able to lose weight. This means that, in order to lose weight, you need to be expending (burning) more calories than you're taking in (eating and drinking). One way to do this, like we stated earlier, is through exercise. BUT the most effective way to do this is through creating a caloric deficit through food. Ultimately, this means eating less, more nutrient dense food, while on your weight loss journey. Again, the best way to determine what kind of diet will be most beneficial to YOU is to hire a nutritionist or registered dietitian to help you along the way. 3. Drink water Most Americans take in between 600-1000 calories PER DAY just through liquids. For many people, this is over 1/3 of their allotted calories for the day while on a weight-loss journey. That is a lot of calories to be drinking! Some examples of extremely highly-caloric beverages include sodas, juices, and coffee drinks. Now, what is a liquid that we can drink that has zero calories and actually assists in our weight loss in other ways as well? That's right! WATER! Water can be a huge help when it comes to weight loss as it is calorie free, it aids in digestion, it increases satiety (the feeling of being full) and also has other health benefits! So, in conclusion, move a little more, make more thoughtful and mindful food choices, and drink your water. Do all of this, with the assistance of your personal trainer, nutritionist, or dietitian, and you will be dropping weight and feeling better in no time!

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