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Mindful Eating

In every facet of life, it is so important to look within, without, and all around so that we can be conscious of how our actions really affect ourselves. The same should go for how we eat, what we choose to eat, and how those choices affect our health. Ask yourself these 6 questions: Who & where? Who grows your food and where does it come from? Food you buy thinking it is really healthy can often times be terrible for you. Many factors contribute to that such as production, method, post-harvesting handling, storage, and transportation. Most often, local food will be higher in nutrition content because it has traveled a shorter distance and the varieties chosen are food taste, not shelf stability. What? What are you eating? Pay attention to food labels, ingredients, and sourcing. Avoid foods that trigger stress (refined sugars and carbs). Remember: quality over quantity. Take time to possibly consider issues with GMOs, dairy consumption, and inorganic ingredients. When? When are you eating? Avoid skipping meals or going a long time without eating. Try to evenly space your meals and snacks throughout the day instead! Why? Why are you eating? Are you even hungry? Stressed? Sad? Celebrating? Keep a food journal or log what you eat into an app such as My Fitness Pal and look for trends in your eating habits. You might see that you eat more fatty foods when you're stressing. If you're aware of that, you'll be able to look for other ways to relieve stress that don't result in weight gain. How? How are you eating? Take notice of your 5 senses!! Make time to enjoy what you are eating and appreciate it! Eating should be an experience and our greatest weapon against disease.

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