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Why weight training is better for weight loss

Do you stick to strictly cardio for your form of exercise? Cardio is awesome but that combine with weight training is the way to go for ultimate weight loss! Here are 5 benefits of weight training that might persuade you to start incorporating some weight training in your workout regimen.

1. It will improve your bone density, weight training will not only strengthen your muscles but will also help strengthen your bones reducing the risk of fractures and broken bones especially as you age

2. Boosts your metabolism and fat loss- Just by having more muscle mass on your body, helps you burn more calories even when you are doing absolutely nothing. Which also helps keep the weight off for good!

3.You will gain strength not bulk up: Most women think that weight training will make them "bulk" up , but it cant physically happen because women do not have enough testosterone to do so.

4. It will enhance your energy levels and your mood- Weight training helps increase your endorphins, which make you feel great.

5. Helps your ability to get through daily life activities- You will be able to work harder and longer with the proper weight training program

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