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Keeping active over the holidays!

The holidays are a time filled with family, fun, and of course, delicious foods! One of the easiest ways to keep the holiday fluff at bay is to remain active, even on days you cannot, or choose not to make it to the gym. Although the thought of having to workout over the holidays can seem low priority or even inconvenient at times, it is crucial in keeping your body and mind happy. Now, I'm not saying you need to drop what your doing and head to the gym every day during your holiday. There are plenty of easy ways to get up and moving that won't feel like a normal gym session! Bonus, you can involve your family and put that holiday food to good use!

1. Head out for a post lunch/dinner walk with your family. This is literally the easiest way to help ease the blow after over eating at meal time. Not only is going for a walk the simplest way to help get everything moving and help that "overly stuffed" feeling subside, it’s a nice way to spend time with family without the distractions of tv and cell phones.

2. Play outside with the kids. If you have children of your own, or other members of the family in town, such as nieces and nephews, take them outside and play a game! It can be something as easy as playing driveway basketball, tossing a ball around, or playing tag around the yard.

3. Another fun idea is playing an indoor game that requires you to move around. Some of the classics such as charades, twister, air hockey, or even darts. Other options are games like WII that keep you engaged and can cause you to break a sweat.

4. Hit the stores! If you're brave enough to take on the Black Friday or Christmas crowds, walking around a shopping center is an easy adventure to take on and walk off that holiday grub without having to hit the gym.

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