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My husband & I are opposites. Here's how we make it work.

Is the old saying “opposites attract”, true?

I personally believe so.

Truth be told my husband and I are nothing alike.

He likes motorcycles, fast cars, working out, adventure and ADRENALINE.

I, on the other hand, like the slow lane, art galleries, enjoy a good book and COFFEE.

So, how does our marriage work if we are so different?

Simple, we make the effort to try what each other enjoys.

Overtime, we learned that we enjoy our differences more than we thought we would.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor who works with couples, I recommend taking the time to TRY the things your spouse enjoys.

You can do this by writing out a list of interests you want your spouse to experience with you.

For example:

Attend the opening of a new art gallery

Go cruising on a motorcycle

Grab a coffee and go to the bookstore

Enjoy each other’s differences and start with a date. Dates are a great way to make new memories and experiences.

If you and your spouse can not agree on what to do first, cut up the list of interests (you and your spouses) and put into a jar. Then on your planned date, pick from the jar and be intentional about following through with the interest selected on your date.

Tell us below how this has improved your connection and communication with your spouse.

Want to connect more with your spouse and need help? Check out our counseling services here:

Tracy Cooper is a Licensed Professional Counselor and the Co-Owner of Fit Therapy of Texas. She helps couples improve their communication, connection, resolve conflict and much more. Reach out to her at to schedule a consultation to start improving your relationship today.

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