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How to choose the best exercise routine for you in 2019!

2019 is just around the corner and this is the year that you will put your health first and start your new exercise routine. Some questions you might have are: Where do I start? What is the best exercise routine for me? What are my health and fitness goals? What is my budget? What is my availability and my determination? Am I self - motivated?

These are all important questions to consider when choosing the best exercise routine for you.

In order for any exercise regimen to be beneficial you need to have a general answer to most of these questions so you can choose YOUR best option. As an owner of my own wellness center and 11+ years in the health and wellness sector, I can tell you a number of people do not have an answer to a lot of these questions. I can assist you in determining the best option for YOU so you can start making a lifestyle change as opposed to an immediate often ineffective change.

First, you want to list your goals. I’m not just talking about that you want to lose 30 lbs or get jacked like Arnold. I mean, why do you want to get healthier? Do you want to be healthier so that you can be there for your grandchildren? Did the doctor just recently say that you need to lose X amount of weight or that you are highly likely to develop Diabetes. Maybe, you want to train for a marathon so that you can scratch that off of your bucket list. If you have defined and specific goals this will always be something to refer back to so that you stay motivated!

Second, you should consider your availability. I always recommend scheduling your workout into your day so you can plan accordingly and have that time set aside for YOUR health.

Third, consider your budget. I will tell you that YOUR health should rank high on your list of expenditures to have $$$ for behind food, shelter, clothing, and safety for your family. To make it easier- Do you want that new pair of jeans or do you want to look awesome in the jeans you already have! Remember your health is YOUR wealth!

If you have a general answer to these questions, then you are ready to start your exercise routine. I recommend starting with a fitness expert or personal trainer first. Also, choose a trainer with a 4 year degree over someone with a weekend certificate. They studied a lot longer and are usually more passionate about getting you fit. I also suggest a boutique styled center as opposed to a large commercial gym when starting because they are usually more knowledgeable, friendly, and people usually are more consistent with their workouts in these centers. A personal trainer will set you up with a regimen designed specifically for you and your goals and you do not have to worry about what you should be doing. *Remember, a customized and designed workout utilizes the best results.* Any workout where it is a generalized workout for the masses is not your best bet. (Think large group fitness classes, crossfit, etc.) A qualified trainer will help you stay motivated as well and strive to help you reach your goals!!

I hope that you are still continuing your investment in your health well into the New year and if you utilize some of these tips, you should be on your way to a healthier and sexier YOU!

In Health,

Kenny McClendon

Fit Therapy of Texas Owner

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