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Fit Therapy of Texas: Get to know our Owners!

Get to Know: Kenny & Tracy

We've had the wonderful opportunity to get to know so many of you better, we thought we'd tell you more about our owners, Kenny & Tracy!

Kenny obtained his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology specializing in Exercise Science from the University of Texas at San Antonio. Kenny's background is in exercise physiology, ergonomics, exercise nutrition, and business. He has over seven years experience in the wellness sector including corporate and commercial work.

Tracy is a Licensed Professional Counselor. She has her Bachelors of Art in Psychology from the University of Texas at San Antonio and Master's in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling from St. Mary's University. Tracy has experience providing counseling to children, adolescents, couples and adults. She is qualified to treat a variety of issues including, but not limited to: anxiety, behavioral issues, depression, mood disorders, social skills, self-esteem, and stress reduction management. Fun Facts: - Both Kenny & Tracy went to MacArthur High School here in San Antonio - They have two dogs, Annie & Marley - Favorite Foods: Sushi (Tracy) & Grilled Chicken (Kenny) - Tracy loves photography (many of the photos at Fit Therapy are hers!), reading (especially self-help) and going to museums - Kenny loves anything that gets the adrenaline going, and is a big fan of Notre Dame sports team

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