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Online Training in San Antonio

2020 was an eventful and shifting year for all of us.

What is one of the biggest changes that has occurred?

It is the amount of time we now spend at home. Now, there is an additional challenge of going to the gym, when it was already hard enough for us to get there in the first place, most of the time! We know once we get the ball rolling and start going consistently we can’t stop; but the beginning stages of getting the ball rolling takes time, energy, and effort.

So instead of fighting with the changes of the time. Let’s make it work in your favor…

Going out may not be an option. Maybe you don’t want to go out for personal health reasons. Whatever it may be, we are here to support you. How?

We now offer - ZOOM SESSIONS.

What does this mean?

You can now work one on one, just like you would if you were in our facility, but instead from the convenience of your own home. Save travel time, save gas, save stress, and save your health!

To get a better grasp on how training one on one with a personal trainer from your own home is so beneficial, I’ve outlined 5 of what I consider to be the most valuable aspects.

Online Training in San Antonio

1.) Personal Training From The Convenience Of Your Own Home

Life is all about perspective. You can look at training from home as not ideal or you can come to realize how it could potentially be the greatest thing you ever started. Training one on one with a fitness expert from your own home comes with a lot of convenient features, such as:

• Saving extra time in your day

• Saving gas which means more money in your pocket

• Being convenient

• Never having to worry about getting to the gym and having forgotten your shoes, water bottle, etc.

• Being able to jump in the shower right after your workout - Therefore saving you even more time, and less time in sweaty gym clothes (unless you enjoy that feelings…)

• Never have to miss a session because your session goes wherever you go.

It is simple too. All you have to do is log onto your personalized zoom link sent to you from your trainer. It is as easy as clicking a few buttons.

2.) Personalized Workouts Specifically For Your Unique Needs & Goals

We all aren’t the same, therefore we all shouldn’t train the same. What works for one person won’t necessarily work for another person. In addition to that, the style of training that works best for one body type won’t be as beneficial for another body type, even in achieving the same set of goals.

The workouts are made specifically for you. It is not some generic plan made for everyone. Each session is thoughtfully made with you in mind. Your trainer works with your specific health conditions and any physical limitations you may have.

Don’t just get by in life, let us help you feel the best you’ve ever felt. Do you want more energy? To actually reach and surpass your health goals this year? Let us help you so you can do this process easier, quicker, and more fun than it’s ever been before.

What you can expect is personalized focus on you throughout the session. It will be just like you are in person except you never have to leave your home. You now have someone to ask questions to throughout the workout unlike during at home videos where you are left at your own mercy. The plan will be progressively built so as you grow, fix any muscular imbalances, improve flexibility and mobility, and gain strength, the plan grows with you.

3.) Explained Exercises Means Better Results

Look we know… YouTube videos are easy, free and accessible, but… You have to find the videos, do exactly what they do even if it doesn’t feel great on your body and it doesn’t build for you.

When we train with correct form, it means the correct muscles are working in the exact way we want them too. When we engage and activate the right muscles, we get the results we want. Incorrect form means potential injury, less time to actually train because of needed recovery, unnecessary soreness that you could avoid, and incorrect muscles working.

The difference is we help you build from the foundation of where you are at in order for you to excel. We create workouts based on your unique goals and in a style you will look forward to doing again and again and again, because after all, results come down too consistency. If your form is incorrect or needs a little adjustment, we are here to assist you. Your trainer will give you cues/new ways of thinking about common exercises that will enable you to perform them with ease.

For example, you may have done a million planks in your life, but has anyone ever told you to push down with your entire hand (fingers included), press out through the shoulders, look towards the front of your mat to keep your neck in line, push back through your heels and think of driving your bellybutton up to the ceiling to engage the core? Or do they tell you to just perform a plank?

4.) Take The Guess Work Out Of Your Training

Don’t know if you’re doing what you need to reach your goals?

Don’t stress about it. Your plan is made specifically based on your goals, so you don’t have to worry about if you are doing what you should be doing. We take care of that for you.

There are many styles of training out there - plyometric, weight training, resistance training, bodyweight, cardio (HIIT or steady state), conditioning, etc. - there are also many styles of exercise formatting. Based on your specific set of goals, there are many different ways to go about the process.

Take that stress away from your day, especially when you probably have enough to focus on. Our fitness experts have studied this process in order to help you not have too. Let our fitness experts do what they do best and love to do, and most importantly support you in this process.

5.) Build Friendships & Be Apart Of Something Bigger Than Yourself

We are humans. We thrive on being a part of something bigger than ourselves. Training with FIT THERAPY OF TEXAS is more than just a training session, each time you show up you are becoming more a part of the family.

Build long lasting friendships with other private personal training clients, group members and staff. Working with your trainer will become more than someone who structures and guides you through a workout, but a friend who wants what is best for you, wants you to succeed, supports and encourages you.

Join a positive environment that makes you want to come back for more.

If you would like our help in becoming the best version of yourself for 2021, then feel free to reach out to us. We are available Monday through Friday 5am - 10pm, and Saturdays 8am - 4pm.

Oh yeah… Did we mention you also get personalized nutrition plans from our dietitians on staff? Yeah, that’s pretty cool. They’re based on your unique dietary needs, preferences, and goals. We know the two go hand in hand, so why would we leave you empty handed.

Make 2021 your year. Step into the best version of yourself. Join a family. Workout from the convenience of your home. Take your health back into your hands.

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