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7 grab and go snacks for the busy professional

As business owners our days are usually packed with meetings, client sessions, marketing, etc. Similar to our clients, our days are busy and susceptible to things not going as planned. Therefore, in order for us to keep to eating healthy we have to plan.

In the past we use to not care so much about the food we put into our body. We always knew it was important and something we needed to dedicate time and effort towards, but lack of time and a busy schedule kept getting in the way.

So how did we stop procrastinating and make the shift towards eating healthier?

We started meal prepping weekly or every two days depending on our schedule. We even prepped our snacks to make sure we still ate healthy when we are in a rush or when on the go.

As we started prepping our meals and snacks on a regular basis, we started eating a lot of the same snacks and meals in order to reduce our choices and stay consistent with eating healthy.

Below are a list of snacks we eat and keep in our fridge and pantry on a regular basis:

Home Made Snacks:

1. Hummus with bell pepper

2. Fruit with Greek yogurt and honey

3. Rice cake with yogurt and fruit

4. Apple with peanut butter

5. Avocado toast topped with Everything but Bagel

6. Peanut Butter on graham cracker

7. Greek yogurt with nuts

Store Bought Snacks:

1. Wonderful Pistachios

2. Quest Protein Chips

3. Grass Fed Beef Jerky

4. Popcorn


6. Quaker Rice Crisps

7. Emerald Nuts

If you need accountability or help sticking to your goals, click the contact us page and send us an email to discuss. We look forward to talking soon.


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