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Meal Prep 101:How to meal prep like a pro l Fit Therapy of Texas

One of the KEY aspects to a successful journey to health and wellness is nutrition!

One of the easiest ways to focus on NUTRITION if you are new to the health and wellness game, is to start meal prepping.

Throughout this post we will discuss 5 simple steps to successful meal prepping which will lead to a more successful you!

1. Create a meal plan

This part is simple! In order to be able to successfully meal prep, you need to know what types of meals you are going to prepare! If you want to make this easy on yourself, you can hire a personal trainer or certified nutritionist who will be able to create macronutrient values specific to you and your goals! These are important to understand as they will greatly affect your ability to lose or gain weight! Once you know how many calories you should be eating, as well as how many carbs, proteins, fats and fiber you should be taking in, you will be more prepared to plan out what meals you can make in order to fit those goals!

2. Make a Grocery List!

In order to be able to be CONSISTENT and DISCIPLINED with our meal prep, we need to do something a little crazy. We need to prep foods and meals we actually ENJOY! Crazy, right? When we actually are enjoying the foods we are eating, we are far more likely to eat them consistently over a period of time. So, you know how many calories you should be taking in, along with the macronutrients you will need in order to reach your goals, now it is time to make a list and go to the store. Start your list with your proteins. Pick 3-4 proteins you could eat and enjoy every day for the week. Then, pick your carbohydrates. Pick 3-4 complex carbohydrates, ones you enjoy like rice, potatoes, or pasta! Next, pick 2-3 healthy fats. Try to stay away from the fats that are overly-processed and instead stick to whole foods with a higher fat content! Lastly, pick your vegetables and snacks. Pick 3-4 vegetables to add some volume and micronutrition into your meals. Then Pick 3-4 high protein or lower sugar snacks to enjoy between your meals. Have your list ready? Great! Let's head to the grocery store.

3. Time to shop.

First rule of grocery shopping when you will be meal prepping: Go in with a plan. We have already covered that! List in hand, we walk in. Rule number 2: DO NOT GROCERY SHOP HUNGRY! We do not want our cravings or hunger manipulating how we shop! So, have a snack in the car or a meal at home prior to going in. 3. Stick to ONLY the aisles where you actually need food. Many times, for those of us who are on a health and wellness journey, this means sticking to the outer aisles of the store (these are where the fresh produce and meats and proteins live) along with maybe one or two inner aisles for our snacks or carbs. 4. Stick to your list. Get in and get out! Do not stray from the plan we have taken time to create. Congrats! You just made it through your first meal prepping grocery trip!

4. Time to get ready to cook!

Set out all of the foods you bought at the store, grab some meal prep containers (make sure to pick some up at the store if you don't think you will have enough for all of your meals for the week) and get ready to cook! Make sure you are measuring out your ingredients as you go to make sure our calorie and macronutrient intake stay accurate.

5. Cook!

Take your time, put on some music and cook your food! Avoid using oils or butter that you did not plan for in your meal plan. Utilizing air fryers, or boiling or baking your foods can help with this! Remember, you want to enjoy your meals, so use seasonings or low-calorie sauces generously! Make sure you do not put any part of your meal prep "off until tomorrow" do it TODAY and do it NOW so you will have no excuses to be eating off plan as soon as you are finished with the cooking!

There you have it. You have now completed your first successful meal prep day!

Remember, if you feel you need extra help, reach out to us by phone at 210.495.3131 to schedule to meet with one of our professional personal trainers or dietitian to assist you!

Good luck, and good health!


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