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8 Healthy Tips for Weight Loss Resistance

We’ve all had the conversation with ourselves. “Today is the day I am going to put my health first and start losing weight and feeling good again !” The thought is there. You could have even started to research best ways to Lose weight, Personal Training, and set up a Consultation to visit a Fitness or Wellness Center. You have told your significant other, family, and friends that you need to do this for yourself and your health. You then start scouring through the interweb to find the ideal place for you to workout at and what centers have great reviews, ideal location, etc. You submit your information, set up an appointment to the Fitness center, and sit down with a Representative to enroll you in the best program. You may even sign up and go to a few sessions with a Trainer. The same result that happens with a majority of people trying to start up an exercise and nutrition routine is you Stop or don’t even give yourself a chance to start. I want to help you work through this common problem and provide you with 8 Healthy Tips for Weight Loss Resistance!

1. JUST START! I see it too often that people try and find the perfect time and scenario of when they can begin their new weight loss journey. This always sounds exciting and something you tell yourself that in 2 weeks, I start my weight loss journey! The truth is that there is no perfect time to start. You JUST START! The sooner you take the first step in showing up and beginning your workout and being consistent, the faster that you will start seeing changes

and make it a habit.

2. BE OPEN-MINDED! There is so much information available at your fingertips with Smart Phones that it is easy to align yourself with the proper diet and/or workout for you in your head. I hear it all the time. “ Im keto.” I usually respond, “ Nice to meet you Keto.” People spend too much time trying to outsmart the journey and align themselves with what they believe works for them. In fact, it can work for you, but what almost always happens with a restrictive diet is you can not sustain them and you end up not doing them and regaining the weight. You need to BE OPEN-MINDED with different scientifically proven ways of nutrition and exercise. Trust a different approach with a trained professional and stay consistent and you will be surprised at the Weight Loss Results!

3. BE CONSISTENT! This could easily be the most important of all. People always want the quick fix or to see changes all at once but that’s where “weight yo-yoing” happens. You may have heard the quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson “ It’s not the Destination, It’s the journey.” Your health is not a one, two, or even three time life event, it's forever. The key ingredient in that is CONSISTENCY! I know life-changing events may arise from time to time but if you have been exercising and eating healthy consistently it really won’t make that big of difference to your fitness or body if you miss some workouts or eat some unhealthy foods. Just BE CONSISTENT!

4. KEEP A POSITIVE CIRCLE! It can be fun to let loose and have some cocktails and eat pizza at the end of the night. That can be fine on occasion if done responsibly as possible but if you have friends or colleagues that want you to do that with them all the time, it can be detrimental. A negative friend or relationship circle discourages you from doing better, getting healthy, or being productive because they know if they encourage you, it puts a spotlight on them to have to do better as well. Your true friends want you to do better so KEEP A POSITIVE CIRCLE!

5. LEARN TO SAY NO! When you start to make that commitment and start your weight loss journey there will always be obstacles and other commitments along the way that other people may want from you. You can’t do it all. It does take an investment from you with your time for your health but it’s definitely an investment worth taking. If you’re healthier, lose weight, get stronger, more flexible, etc. you will have a better functioning body, have more energy, feel better, and look better. It takes time to exercise and prepare healthy meals or even follow a healthy meal plan. Time is not infinite so when people ask you if you can go out, stay late, etc., JUST SAY NO!

6. INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH! I know you or you have heard someone say about a celebrity that if you had their kind of money, you’d look good too! While celebrities and athletes spend a great deal of money on their bodies, that should not be a deterrent. If you really just think about how much you spend on clothes, eating out, cars, make up, trips, etc. you could have easily had some money for an investment in your health. Most of those things do not yield a return of investment but your Health has a huge return on your investment. Would you rather pay for a preventable disease later or not get the Christian Louboutin purse and pay for personal training sessions? Being healthy and losing excess weight helps mentally and physically so INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH!

7. FIND THE ACCOUNTABILITY It is very difficult to completely change your lifestyle and remain consistent on your own. That’s why you should join or find a gym or private training center that will hold you accountable. This can be done with Personal Trainers, gym buddies, friends, or significant others. This is part of keeping a positive circle of friends because they will hold you accountable and encourage you even if you find yourself feeling down. Camaraderie and positive circles are important so I encourage you to FIND THE ACCOUNTABILITY!

8. ACKNOWLEDGING SET BACKS Your Weight Loss Journey is definitely not going to be perfect and go as you planned. You will have obstacles to overcome and challenging life events along the way. You may gain some weight on a vacation or even have a freak injury. The easiest tip to overcome this weight loss issue is to ACKNOWLEDGE the SET BACK! Don’t feel sorry for yourself, give up, or entertain negative thoughts. Your weight loss journey is a constant learning and evolving journey. Don’t be too hard on yourself and learn from your setbacks because it will help you grow and make you wiser in the end.

It can be difficult to start something new and different even if it’s for your health and weight loss. These 8 Tips for Weight Loss Resistance will really help you put it all into perspective and give you a Tip guide to refer back to if you’re struggling along your personal weight loss journey.

For help with weight loss and to discuss a program that is right for you, set up a FREE Consultation with us today! We would love to help you get started on your pathway to ultimate health and wellness.

In Health,

By: Kenny W. McClendon Jr.

Owner and Founder of FIT THERAPY OF TEXAS

210.495.3131 Stone Oak- San Antonio, TX

210.701.8172 Alamo Ranch- San Antonio, TX


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