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A healthy twist to our favorite hamburger

If you happen to live in Texas like we do, you have probably heard and tried Whataburger. It just so happens to be one of our favorite fast food restaurants and our go to cheat meal.

Although, we don’t eat here as often as we once did. We still love the hamburger and fries, we just opt for the junior size.

What has helped us to minimize our trips to Whataburger and other fast food chains, is our healthy habits and desire to make our favorite meals healthier.

Over the weekend, we made our version of our favorite Whataburger hamburger.

Here’s how you can make it too...

Ingredients: Bison Meat

21 grain buns


Spicy mustard

Vegan sliced cheddar cheese



Sweet potato tater tots


  1. Set your oven to bake at 425 degrees. While your oven is warming up, put your sweet potato tater tots in a pan.

  2. Once your oven is warm and at 425 degrees, place your sweet potato tater tots in the oven for 15 minutes. While your tater tots are baking, start making your bison burgers.

  3. Open your package of bison meat, cut up to the size you want and press firmly into patties of your desired thickness. You typically want hamburger patties to be slightly larger than the buns they’ll be served on, since they’ll shrink a bit in the cooking process.

  4. Cook on the griddle for 2 minutes per side. Ideally, you only want to flip your burgers once or twice during cooking.

  5. Turn your stove top on to medium heat, to sauté mushrooms and jalapeños.

  6. Stack the hot patties on toasted hamburgers buns, and dress up with your favorite hamburger toppings and condiments. We added spicy mustard, mushrooms, jalapeños, spinach and vegan cheddar cheese to our hamburger.

What would you add to your hamburger?

Let us know if you love this recipe as much as we do by sharing your feedback in the comments below.

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