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How to workout around an injury

Are you struggling to work out around an injury?

Things happen! Everyone suffers an injury at one time or another. But, does that mean we have to stop exercising altogether? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Below we will go over the 4 steps you should take when it comes to working out or exercising around an injury.

1. Talk to your doctor

Step one is SO simple. Your doctor gave you your diagnosis, now what? Ask him or her about restrictions when it comes to exercise. After all, exercise helps to keep us HEALTHY therefore it should absolutely be something that our doctors support us doing,even amidst an injury. Ask him or her what exercises are safe, and which ones you should avoid. Simple as that!

2. Make a plan

Ok, so you have your exercise boundaries from your doctor, now we have to create a workout plan. Utilizing the information given to you from your doctor, create a plan for your workouts for the week. Start slow with 1-3 workouts/week. Implement the types of exercising your doctor allowed within the plan, meaning if he or she said that seated machine work is ok, structure your plan around the machines at your gym! If he or she said no overhead movements, structure your workouts while avoiding any type of press or pull overhead. You know what you CAN and CAN'T do, so plan around it!

3. Hire a coach

Let's admit it, we can have a plan, it can be a good plan, but will we stick to the plan? Will we implement the plan well? Maybe... Maybe not. SO hire someone who knows better. Hiring a coach who specializes in post-op or injury training, or a corrective exercise specialist, will make it incredibly easier and safer to workout with an injury. These coaches are knowledgeable about training around injuries, and will make sure you recover more quickly and more efficiently than you ever could on your own.

4. Listen to your body

Want to exercise around an injury but you're not sure EXACTLY what to do or not do? Keep it simple. Listen to your body. An exercise causes sharp pains or twinges? Stop that movement immediately. Your body breaks form during a movement to compensate for the injury? That movement will have to wait. Your body is smart. It wants to recover. So listen to it, rest when needed, and overall, play it safe.

No matter the injury, you can come back STRONGER and BETTER than ever. So don't give up.

Follow these 4 steps and you'll be back to your favorite workouts in no time.

If you need help with a specific plan to ensure safety, improve mobility, and strengthen body from injury, give us a call at 210.495.3131 or email


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