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What gets TRACKED, gets CHANGED!

Study after study indicates that tracking what we eat using an app or pen and paper, is strongly linked to helping us achieve and maintain a healthy weight. This is why tracking your weekly weight, food, and physical activity is important to making a lifestyle change. We think this strategy is a critical piece to success and want to reinforce the importance of tracking by challenging you to start tracking this week—better yet today!

Most people are hesitant to track because they think it will be too time-consuming. You don’t need to add lots of detail, AIM for at least 3 entries each day and do it consistently day after day for the best results. Tracking can take less than 15 minutes each day and this information will help you make a plan that is tailored to your needs while you navigate your lifestyle change.

You don’t have to track forever. However, as you change your eating habits it helps you be more mindful about what you eat and how you move. For example, you may not realize how many calories are in the foods and drinks you consume regularly or that your amount of daily physical activity is much lower (or higher) than you thought. If you are new to tracking, check the nutrition facts label for serving sizes and number of calories, and consider portion size.

Tracking can also be a way to get back to the behaviors you know worked for you in the past. Anytime you feel that you are not on track, the best way to get back in the habit of healthy eating and physical activity is to track.

If you start tracking, tell us how it is going on the comments. If you need help, click the contact page to get started today!


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