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Who else wants to 'max out' their progress?

As a fitness expert, it’s my responsibility to create and design workouts to challenge group members physically and mentally. Not only do I create workouts that challenge you physically and mentally. I also create workouts that allow you to see what kind of progress you are making in the gym. The Max Out Workout is a great example of seeing what progress you are making in the gym. In this blog I will discuss the Max Out Workout, the purpose of this workout, what current members think of this workout, and why you should sign up for group training.


The Max Out Workout is a full body conditioning workout that challenges your body and your mind. There are 12 conditioning exercises, each exercise is 3 minutes long, count how many reps you get for each 3 minute exercise, and after all 12 exercises are completed tally up all reps and that’s your max out score. Some of the exercises that are included in this workout are burpees, jump rope, med ball slams, and running with squat jumps to name a few. The main goals of this workout is to give maximum effort, to try to get over 1,000 reps for the entire workout, challenge your body and mind, and have fun. You know the workout, some of the exercises, the goals of the workout, but now it’s time to understand the purpose of the workout.


You are probably thinking the purpose of this workout is to tire you out and be sore for days. Yes, you will get tired and sore, but that is not the purpose of this workout. The purpose of this workout is to measure your progress throughout your fitness journey. When you complete the Max Out Workout for the first time, it is setting a foundation for your fitness journey. If your consistent with your training you will see progress when you do the Max Out workout again. When you see your max out score increase, you know you’re building strength, speed, and endurance. You will also feel less tired, less sore, and build a great mindset leading into the workout and during the workout. If you don’t believe me and still not convinced. Read what group members have said about doing the Max Out Workout for the first time and doing the workout for a second time.


Cede Hutto recently did the Max Out Workout for the first time. Here’s what she said after completing the workout, “I thought the workout was challenging both mentally and physically. I also liked that it was 3 minutes of hard work and then you were done with that exercise so it really pushed you to get as many reps in as you could.” You are probably thinking does she want to do the workout for a second time? She said, “Yes! It’s always fun to challenge yourself and see what your body is capable of.”

Robert Kolar did the Max Out Workout for the first time about a month ago. His max score was 1,018 reps. He recently competed his second Max Out Workout and his new max out score was 1,109 a 91 rep improvement. This is what he thought of the workout, “This workout is a great way to see overall fitness improvements without competing against anyone else or any specific weight or machine limits. It gives me the opportunity to challenge my own achievements and goals (even as small as one additional rep).” You are probably thinking how was the workout a second time through? This is what Robert had to say about that, “Knowing the exercises and previous individual scores, I mentally prepared a strategy on how to approach each exercise. For some, this meant a slower overall pace with fewer rests. For others it meant smaller, quicker bursts with shorter but more frequent rests. I improved on all but one exercise and increased my overall max score significantly.” If you’re still not convinced here are some reasons why you should join group training.


Group training at Fit Therapy of Texas is a great way to start a fitness program. You won’t be overwhelmed with big groups at all. At Fit Therapy of Texas our small group classes allow us to get to know you, understand your fitness goals, hold you accountable, and meet new people to build friendships. Not only you will have challenging workouts. You will have workouts like the Max Out Workout to measure your progress. It’s important to challenge yourself and see how much progress you’ve made each month.

You know all about the Max Out Workout, and the benefits it brings to a fitness program. At the end of the day it’s up to you to start that fitness journey. What are you waiting for? Contact us by phone or email and start your group training with us, and see what max out score you can put up. 💪


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