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2 Ways to stick to your New Goals in the New Year!

It's almost January! And we all know what that means! New year, new goals... Right?

But, what happened to last year's goals? Last year around this time didn't we set a goal to exercise more, eat better, and get healthier overall? So, what happened? We relied on MOTIVATION to help us reach our goals, and motivation unfortunately does not last. Obviously, that didn't work, so today I am going to give you the two components that are ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY when it comes to successfully achieving our fitness goals this year. Firstly, we need CONSISTENCY!

Simply put, the time needed in order to you to achieve your fitness goals is dependent upon how much time and effort you're willing to put in into your fitness plan. This means, if you make a plan to workout 4-5x/week and eat between 1800-2000 calories/day for the next 6 months in order to lose 30lbs, but only actually accomplish that 25% of the time, you're less likely to reach your goal of losing 30lbs and are more likely going to lose more like 7lbs. Our progress towards our goal is directly correlated to how CONSISTENT we are with the plan to reach that goal.

So, we know we need to be consistent, and we know we need to have a plan. But how do we decide on that plan?

The easiest option is to hire a professional, a personal trainer. BUT if you choose to do it on your own, make absolutely sure that it is a realistic and attainable plan. For example, it's not realistic to plan to workout 7 days a week every week for the year, or to eat less than 1000 calories per day. So, think about your lifestyle, think realistically about how many days each week you are able to prioritize exercise, and go from there. For working moms, this might mean working out 3x/week when the nanny comes over. For students this might mean getting up at 5am 3x/week prior to classes.

Whatever your goals, there IS a plan that is realistic for you and your lifestyle. All you need to do is STICK TO IT.

The second component you need in order to accomplish your fitness goals this year is DISCIPLINE! Discipline is defined as the practice of obeying rules or a code of behavior. So, let's consider working out and eating well to be the code of behavior we plan to follow in order to reach our goals. Motivation will help at the beginning, we will be excited to see progress and feel the results! But, motivation doesn't last. Results take TIME! Sadly, over 73% of people give up on their goals when motivation lacks and never reach where they want to be when it comes to health and fitness. This, is where discipline comes in. When other people stop, you KEEP GOING! Think about it, if we don't show up to work anymore will we continue to get paid? Absolutely not! The same goes for fitness! If you don't put in the work every planned day, you will not get "paid" with the results you want. Discipline means working out even when you're tired or don't want to. Discipline means eating your meal prepped breakfast even when someone brings donuts to work. Discipline means saying YES to the plan even when you want to say no. Ultimately, with consistency and discipline, you can accomplish ANYTHING you put your mind (and a plan) to. This is true even in fitness and health. Think about where YOU will be this time next year if you commit TODAY to being both consistent and disciplined when it comes to your health and fitness goals this year. Ready to get started, give us a call at 210-495-3131 or contact us here.


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