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Our mission is to bring healthy to the people. Our FIT MIND, FIT BODY facility is a one stop for complete nutrition, fitness and mental health counseling. At Fit Therapy of Texas, we focus on you from a holistic approach.

Co-founders, Kenny McClendon and Tracy Cooper, are a husband and wife team with a shared vision to provide a new alternative to wellness focused on mental health counseling. Together, they developed Fit Therapy of Texas—a supportive, nurturing environment to educate, facilitate and promote healthy habits and positive change.

Kenny and Tracy created Fit Therapy of Texas for everyone. They discovered that fitness, nutrition and counseling combined was missing and desperately needed for the clients they served. In 2014, Fit Therapy of Texas was born. Two years and 10 months later, the results are unanimous. Fit Therapy of Texas has transformed the lives of its members.

We can go on and on sharing the countless transformations to include weight loss, muscle gain, improved relationships, learned coping skills, healthier eating habits, positive self-love and much, much more, but you will have to experience our one of kind FIT MIND FIT BODY approach for yourself.

Our FIT MIND FIT BODY community is calling your name…

Change your mind. Find your FIT!

We can't wait to meet you,

Kenny & Tracy

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