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How to begin an exercise routine

Want to start exercising, but not sure where to begin? I can tell you starting an exercise routine can be life changing but also can be anxiety inducing. Below are basic tips and instructions for anyone starting an exercise routine for the first time.

1. Set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely Goals.

Examples. I will increase my physical activity by strength training 3 ×s a week for 1 hour at my local gym starting Monday.

2. Develop a strategy for your workout routine. Don't just go into a gym or start exercising with no plan of what you're doing.

3. Create a support team or individual that will help keep you accountable.

4. Consistency is the best predictor of positive changes in your health and body.

5. Get PROPER instruction on lifting and form techniques! Doing an exercise wrong will not only stunt changes it can get you injured.

6. Couple a good nutrition plan with your exercise. Not one nutrition plan is best for anyone but eating fatty burgers and cookies is going to make it that much harder to achieve your goals

7. Lastly, Have FUN. You are adding years to your life and making a positive change in your Health. Find a routine that you don't dread doing. You should leave feeling rejuvenated and less stressed👍💪

Follow these 7 Tips and you will soon be telling people your own tips on how to create an amazing exercise routine

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